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Arena Training Group is a combat veteran-owned training company located in North Central Pennsylvania. We specialize in Critical Skills curriculum development and training. We define Critical Skills as higher risk skills and topics such as law enforcement training, tactics and firearms skills and techniques, firefighting and rescue topics, survival training, family security and preparedness, and other similar topics. As one of the region's only Certified Master Instructors, our goal is to provide high quality, up to date training that is affordable for our current and future customers. We are insured through the Firearms Trainer's Association (FTA) which allows us the latitude to develop and teach real-world, practical skills; not outdated flat-range methods.


CPR/First Aid, "Stop the Bleed", and Civilian Shooting Classes and Coaching

We offer a variety of civilian firearms classes, including women's-only classes and private one-on-one coaching. As a member of Tactical Medical Solutions' Associate Trainers Program, we offer a variety of tactical medical courses and have access to exceptional training aids and materials. We also conduct "Stop the Bleed" classes for groups and integrated into many of our courses.


Law Enforcement/MIL Restricted Training

Drawing on our law enforcement and military training and experience, we bring you some of the best training available in North Central Pennsylvania. We are one of the region's only sources of a MPOETC-approved LE Pistol Instructor Course. Many of our courses are MPOETC approved for CLEE credit. We also conduct retired law enforcement firearms qualifications.

Verifiable Training & Real-World Experience


We take credibility seriously. Unlike many instructors who attend one training class to get the title of "firearms instructor" and then never attend another class, we continue our training through advanced classes and constant training. We also know the importance of adult education theory and implement that methodology into our instruction. We don't just tell you what to do on the range, we bring our guns to class and demonstrate each drill and explain why those drills are important before you are asked to perform them. That includes retired and active LE qualification courses. Lastly, we welcome the opportunity to show you our resume and certifications.


Course List


Tactical Patrol Academy

A 5-day course that bridges the gap between patrol and a dedicated tactical team. Results in capable and confident personnel that will be able to effectively respond to volatile situations when the luxury of waiting for a team isn't realistic. The end result: lives saved.

MPOETC-Approved Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor Course

Our 40+ hour pistol instructor course is a MPOETC approved course which allows graduates to apply to MPOETC to become Pennsylvania Certified LE Firearms Instructors. The course is offered in 4 or 5 days sessions. Contact us for details.

Private Sessions

Our private, one-on-one sessions have become popular for students who prefer not to shoot in group classes. We offer customizable sessions to meet your needs. 

Ladies-Only Classes

We offer ladies-only courses at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Comes shoot with other like-minded ladies and have fun doing it.

Tactical Medicine

These courses are designed and taught by a former US Army combat flight medic and PA certified Paramedic. We offer classes in tactical medicine for groups and individuals. Learn to save a life; possibly your own or that of a loved one. 

Critical Skills Educator Course

This course is designed to fill the gap between basic instructor development training and the educator skills necessary to safely and effectively develop, facilitate, and teach critical skills topics such as firearms, law enforcement and tactical, firefighting, EMS, etc. 

Basic Aircrew Survival (Winter)

This CLEE approved survival course is designed for law enforcement and medical flight crews who could find themselves stranded. Students learn skills needed to survive for 12+ hours while rescue or recovery crews locate and get to them. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Can civilians train with Arena?

Absolutely. We offer group and private classes and sessions for civilians. 

Do I need to own a gun to train with Arena Training Group?

No; in fact we encourage new shooters to train with us and let us help you decide what type of firearm is best for you and your needs.

Does Arena offer classes specifically for women?

Yes, our ladies-only classes have been very popular. They are low stress, informative, and fun. 

Are your classes approved for EMS con-ed or CLEE credit?

We are a PA DOH Continuing Education sponsor and offer EMS con-ed courses in the classroom and in our vitual academy. We also offer MPOETC approved CLEE classes for law enforcement. We continue to add new classes on a regular basis. If you have an idea for a class, we'd love to hear about it. 

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we offer year round private sessions and have a number of students that train with us weekly. 

Can Arena run official retired law enforcement concealed carry qualifications?

Yes, we offer retired law enforcement concealed carry qualification sessions.

What qualifications do your instructors have?

We take this very seriously. Our training is developed and conducted by a PA certified law enforcement firearms instructor. The owner and lead instructor is a certified Master Pistol and Master Rifle Instructor, trained at Sig Sauer Academy in NH. He is also a certified paramedic and active police officer. 

Do you offer instructor training?

We offer a MPOETC-approved law enforcement pistol instructor course. We are in the development phase of several other instructor courses for law enforcement, emergency responders, and civilian instructor candidates. 


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